terlitsi and plants

"There is always a need for terlitsi! Or how about a plant, you need some plants for your balcony... And then we will find you a man!"


expressive colors overflow onto the outside of the panel.. . . . . . . .


"Pff a lot of good that does me! Do they think I can just go out there and photosynthesize?!"

panel code

Under all the original layers and before its covered anew, look quickly. It's just beyond the bristles of the brush.

doggy in the window

“Nobody really owned dogs during communism… now there are these massive dogs in these tiny apartments..”. . . . . . . .

muffin tops

"It's like putting on a shirt that's way too small...."

balcony spout

symphony playing over the nuclear bomb test sirens, neighbors with buckets of water, and a synchronized arcs of water from the balconies above.

frames, apertures, and filters

The blocks of Trakiya were designed for maximum sunlight.

True to modernist form, the windows are large, the balconies beyond them reaching out to pull in more sun.

The inhabitants . . . . . . . .

kolio’s balcony

Every morning Kolio comes to his balcony, parts the fresh white lace curtains, and swings just one of the panels of his glass enclosure inwards. From there, he leans out and lights a cigarette....

glowing balconies

Stepping onto the balcony is a particularly conscious action...

fog ships

In the fog though, it suddenly feels like stepping onto a ship setting out on a lonely journey off into my own world.


'Mom, when will we glass in our balcony? All the other kids have glassed in balconies!'

the entry council

The lace looks forward. The brick turns a shoulder, slyly stepping its own entry down to the ground out back.


'A box in the world theater' - Walter Benjamin If you need me, I'll be here, watching the world theater unfold.


so I cleaned my windows..... and then I cleaned the second layer of windows that glasses in the entire height of the balcony.