live bait

When communism fell and many of the inhabitants of Trakiya no longer had assured work, they took matters into their own hands.


the tire man's fingerprints surround each well used tool.


small businesses in what used to be the trash chute of the vhods of the blocks were a strategic move even before the fall of communism. By putting small businesses in these spaces the vhod collects rent. The rent helps pay for the upkeep of the common spaces.

late night haircut

"In 1991 we turned the storage room into a hair salon. We live upstairs. There is a number on the door, whenever anyone wants, they call, and we come cut."


bloc 71 vhod A and the shoe cobbler.

business and home

"People who don't like to leave Trakiya if they don't have to. Our business has been much better here than it probably ever would have been in the center"