landscaping crew

"those empty fields they sold off." - "I miss the meadows." - "No one was going to do anything with them." - "We played in them all day."

neighbor negotiations

"Neighbors are the most important thing. Family is important too.. But you can teach them. Neighbors are the most important to live happy."

municipal lands

The municipality showed up in our backyard this morning.

In their uniforms and with their bright blue trimmers, they went to work on the fresh, though already overgrown, grasses.

She . . . . . . . .


at first glance, I thought are 4 pad locks really necessary?


the interior exterior the various doors face toward the elevator. One shared switch on a timer for the entire vertical commons.. . . . . . . .

legal cords

"He gets a TV and I get a TV. Like that."

the entry council

The lace looks forward. The brick turns a shoulder, slyly stepping its own entry down to the ground out back.

spaces for gathering

When apartments are designed by minimums, and guests at home are traditionally a big ordeal, neighbors create their gathering spaces outside.. . . . . . . .