balcony spout

symphony playing over the nuclear bomb test sirens, neighbors with buckets of water, and a synchronized arcs of water from the balconies above.

views from new buildings

...and impressively, deteriorating faster than the much older panel blocks. Being inside of one of these offers an interesting framed view back onto our panelkas....

frames, apertures, and filters

The blocks of Trakiya were designed for maximum sunlight.

True to modernist form, the windows are large, the balconies beyond them reaching out to pull in more sun.

The inhabitants . . . . . . . .

the cost of electricity

"Most everyone speaks fondly of the memories of how they used to go around in tank tops in the house in the winter..."

kolio’s balcony

Every morning Kolio comes to his balcony, parts the fresh white lace curtains, and swings just one of the panels of his glass enclosure inwards. From there, he leans out and lights a cigarette....

seeing myself

But it's a detached sense of individuality, like a baby discovering their arm or their leg for the first time...

glowing balconies

Stepping onto the balcony is a particularly conscious action...

cleaning the archives

"People do it anyways, take down the walls, but they don't get our permission, then we have to come in and bust down their doors with the cops..."

quest for the green flowers

A very specific pattern of green flowers, specific to the era, specific to a certain taste, specific to a specific person, I assumed.

meet oscar

"The pipes run through, she'll be fine!"

chushki smoke

Smells. We respond strongly to them. In the panelka, they are readily available.

expiration dates

"no one wants to talk about it, but allllll those buildings, where alllll those people live, they're going to expire."


'A box in the world theater' - Walter Benjamin If you need me, I'll be here, watching the world theater unfold.


"they probably don't give them to renters...."


panelkite in their natural habitat. with stratification as clear as this, it really seems as though the panelkite are exactly where they are are supposed to be....

ikoni and a switch

I hear about how, the night before Easter, they would show american movies in the theaters, in attempts to deter people from the midnight candle tradition at the churches. One evil for another they figured.

bisetka reflections

the boundaries of privacy in the space of facebook became a whole lot more confusing.


so I cleaned my windows..... and then I cleaned the second layer of windows that glasses in the entire height of the balcony.

water heaters

It squeals as it pulls water into the tubes, heating the liquid, filling its big belly.


bloc 71 vhod A and the shoe cobbler.

for the mice

"She went there to be an architect, and we live here.... where the mice run up and down our pipes."

catching busses

"We didn't have sidewalks or grass, but we had big streets and lots of busses....."