BKP windows

Graffiti for the long expired Bulgarian Communist Party. Original standardized wood framed windows, already replaced, leaning against it.. . . . . . . .

fading characteristics

"It was Ivan who thought of them. I remember the font. It was Helvetica! And it matched the building color." black and arial.

oranges in bloom

"I decided to paint my kitchen." "I've meant to it for the last 20 years."

panel code

Under all the original layers and before its covered anew, look quickly. It's just beyond the bristles of the brush.

easter egg hunt

It's white pvc glows in the Easter morning light, a beacon of the private prevailing over the soviet designed apartments.

muffin tops

"It's like putting on a shirt that's way too small...."

finding the leak

"I'm not. I am but I'm not. I just do everything. I've lived here since the beginning, and I'm curious. So after 40 years, I know how everything in the Panelka works. You've seen what I do with the apartments."

frames, apertures, and filters

The blocks of Trakiya were designed for maximum sunlight.

True to modernist form, the windows are large, the balconies beyond them reaching out to pull in more sun.

The inhabitants . . . . . . . .


next door the pounding starts every morning.

“a new kitchen for the new family.”
He says coming out of the elevator with new cabinets.

They were just married last month. . . . . . . . .