territorial cats

"They will come, they know that I throw." "They will come when they are hungry."


concrete ping pong tables scatter the vast in betweens of the blocks.

most left unused, they still manage to attract the vivid imaginations of the children,

using them to their . . . . . . . .

live bait

When communism fell and many of the inhabitants of Trakiya no longer had assured work, they took matters into their own hands.

easter egg hunt

It's white pvc glows in the Easter morning light, a beacon of the private prevailing over the soviet designed apartments.

ac honors

'it is in honor of Rusi Slavov - a fugleman who saved the lives of thousands of Bulgarians from Aegean Thrace......

empty fountain playgrounds

play pens parents stick the little ones in to keep them in one area,

soccer pit where boys aspiring to be the next …. take turns making shots at one . . . . . . . .

spaces for gathering

When apartments are designed by minimums, and guests at home are traditionally a big ordeal, neighbors create their gathering spaces outside.. . . . . . . .