soc tile patterns

innocent florals to mod concentric circles, the tile selections throughout Trakiya as availability and choices shifted the fall of communism.. . . . . . . .

covering the balatum

"..the smooth surfaces of linoleum floors.. allowed people to wipe away the dust and grime of objects that tied people to the past."

the cost of electricity

"Most everyone speaks fondly of the memories of how they used to go around in tank tops in the house in the winter..."


old windows, new heaters, fresh pink paint, classic lace curtains. . . . . . . .

turn your chair!

The view from my chair, looking in, looks straight into a shelf Nina has used to divide her bed from the rest of the room.

bathroom remodel

"American homes will rot, our concrete will be here for hundreds of years."

quest for the green flowers

A very specific pattern of green flowers, specific to the era, specific to a certain taste, specific to a specific person, I assumed.

tile covering

"Our only option was white tiles. That's all there was!"


"to be warm for me"


inside every entry of every apartment lies an electrical panel.
a small piece of control given to each apartment.. . . . . . . .

ikoni and a switch

I hear about how, the night before Easter, they would show american movies in the theaters, in attempts to deter people from the midnight candle tradition at the churches. One evil for another they figured.

water heaters

It squeals as it pulls water into the tubes, heating the liquid, filling its big belly.

bedroom and rakia

"She's old. She doesn't need these rooms. She sleeps in the kitchen, so we keep the rakiya in the bedroom."