landscaping crew

"those empty fields they sold off." - "I miss the meadows." - "No one was going to do anything with them." - "We played in them all day."


"It reminds me of Paris!" - "It was the perfect place to eat ice cream!"

neighbor negotiations

"Neighbors are the most important thing. Family is important too.. But you can teach them. Neighbors are the most important to live happy."

jurassic park

"You know, edno vreme, in the village we used to do everything with a sickle and a palamarka, like this...... "


"I can't do anything without a lamp all day. Can you imagine?! A lamp!"

fading characteristics

"It was Ivan who thought of them. I remember the font. It was Helvetica! And it matched the building color." black and arial.

the kalkan’s new scales

Characteristically critiqued for its scale and personality in the context of single family America suburbia homes, how does it fare in the land of towering concrete panel blocks?

ending long weekends

But, as the sun sets on Sunday, the cars take up their spots on the sidewalks again, and the people come limping and sore to their benches and gathering spots, swapping stories about that other never ending project they all have...

oranges in bloom

"I decided to paint my kitchen." "I've meant to it for the last 20 years."

live bait

When communism fell and many of the inhabitants of Trakiya no longer had assured work, they took matters into their own hands.

vhod fall

"Whose idea was it to plant all these stupid trees?!"

spaces for gathering

When apartments are designed by minimums, and guests at home are traditionally a big ordeal, neighbors create their gathering spaces outside.. . . . . . . .


small businesses in what used to be the trash chute of the vhods of the blocks were a strategic move even before the fall of communism. By putting small businesses in these spaces the vhod collects rent. The rent helps pay for the upkeep of the common spaces.

late night haircut

"In 1991 we turned the storage room into a hair salon. We live upstairs. There is a number on the door, whenever anyone wants, they call, and we come cut."


"Those people, the people that have lived in the villages all their lives, they don't understand things like this..."

business and home

"People who don't like to leave Trakiya if they don't have to. Our business has been much better here than it probably ever would have been in the center"

catching busses

"We didn't have sidewalks or grass, but we had big streets and lots of busses....."