territorial cats

"They will come, they know that I throw." "They will come when they are hungry."

city of legends

"They still do that, you know. The mayor still has the power. They hold a meeting and give an accomplished athlete an apartment upon their return."

neighbor negotiations

"Neighbors are the most important thing. Family is important too.. But you can teach them. Neighbors are the most important to live happy."


"I can't do anything without a lamp all day. Can you imagine?! A lamp!"

just the right size

"Exactly like this, we just put them in the empty fountains and give them a ball and they just love it!"

oranges in bloom

"I decided to paint my kitchen." "I've meant to it for the last 20 years."

А9 legacies

"You know we never had to be in the mud like everyone else. We were the first ones."

resident babas

Sitting at the entry bench, checking our shopping bags and letting us know if the vegetables we bought are good.

ac honors

'it is in honor of Rusi Slavov - a fugleman who saved the lives of thousands of Bulgarians from Aegean Thrace......

Word and Voice

Grandpa would always send me out with 20 stotinki to buy Word, cigarettes, and gum.

empty fountain playgrounds

play pens parents stick the little ones in to keep them in one area,

soccer pit where boys aspiring to be the next …. take turns making shots at one . . . . . . . .

monuments of Trakiya

and they gather around them, looking up their skirts, comparing who is the bash maestera

doggy in the window

“Nobody really owned dogs during communism… now there are these massive dogs in these tiny apartments..”. . . . . . . .

kolio’s balcony

Every morning Kolio comes to his balcony, parts the fresh white lace curtains, and swings just one of the panels of his glass enclosure inwards. From there, he leans out and lights a cigarette....

bathroom remodel

"American homes will rot, our concrete will be here for hundreds of years."

the entry council

The lace looks forward. The brick turns a shoulder, slyly stepping its own entry down to the ground out back.

vhod fall

"Whose idea was it to plant all these stupid trees?!"

summer fading

"There is no such insulation on these panels." -tap - tap- "You have to insulate yourself!"


"All week I've been dreaming of a safari!"


"Those people, the people that have lived in the villages all their lives, they don't understand things like this..."

for the mice

"She went there to be an architect, and we live here.... where the mice run up and down our pipes."

catching busses

"We didn't have sidewalks or grass, but we had big streets and lots of busses....."