city of legends

"They still do that, you know. The mayor still has the power. They hold a meeting and give an accomplished athlete an apartment upon their return."

terlitsi and plants

"There is always a need for terlitsi! Or how about a plant, you need some plants for your balcony... And then we will find you a man!"

the kalkan’s new scales

Characteristically critiqued for its scale and personality in the context of single family America suburbia homes, how does it fare in the land of towering concrete panel blocks?


the tire man's fingerprints surround each well used tool.

soc tile patterns

innocent florals to mod concentric circles, the tile selections throughout Trakiya as availability and choices shifted the fall of communism.. . . . . . . .

covering the balatum

"..the smooth surfaces of linoleum floors.. allowed people to wipe away the dust and grime of objects that tied people to the past."


old windows, new heaters, fresh pink paint, classic lace curtains. . . . . . . .

bathroom remodel

"American homes will rot, our concrete will be here for hundreds of years."


"For a country that grows so much, and a town that used to have the largest factories, we have to resort to getting it all from Turkey!"


the interior exterior the various doors face toward the elevator. One shared switch on a timer for the entire vertical commons.. . . . . . . .

quest for the green flowers

A very specific pattern of green flowers, specific to the era, specific to a certain taste, specific to a specific person, I assumed.

tile covering

"Our only option was white tiles. That's all there was!"

the entry council

The lace looks forward. The brick turns a shoulder, slyly stepping its own entry down to the ground out back.


full ash trays and cardgame scoresheets in the morning light. . . . . . . .