balcony spout

fountains from above

glorious arcs of water.
Each balcony in a vertical stack has a pipe protruding from the center, draining the contents of the balcony to the ground.

It’s a distinct sound every time a stream hits the ground.

It brings me out on my balcony, looking around for whoever it is coming from.

I try to guess, by the sound, which floor it is coming from.

The solid streams – a dumped bucket, washing

The slow drips – watering flowers.

The slow, loud, drips on plastic in the middle of the night – balcony-on-fourth-floor leaks in the rain, gathers the water and slowly drips big fat drops from the drain on to balcony-on-second-floor’s homemade plastic awning, jutting out further than the pipes above reach!

I always imagine synchronizing these to music.
Convincing all my neighbors to get buckets of water, playing a symphony over the speakers that I’ve ever heard blare with the nuclear bomb test sirens, and having each of them dump to the music…

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