free roaming ruins

With Plovdiv winning European Cultural Capital 2019, this past fall has brought a lot of plans for development.  All around the city, things are happening – sidewalks and bike paths, . . . . . . . .

resident babas

Sitting at the entry bench, checking our shopping bags and letting us know if the vegetables we bought are good.

municipal lands

The municipality showed up in our backyard this morning.

In their uniforms and with their bright blue trimmers, they went to work on the fresh, though already overgrown, grasses.

She . . . . . . . .

easter egg hunt

It's white pvc glows in the Easter morning light, a beacon of the private prevailing over the soviet designed apartments.

ins and outs of individuality

"Through orientation!" "Their view!" "Their balcony!" "And most importantly, looking at the building from the outside!"

ac honors

'it is in honor of Rusi Slavov - a fugleman who saved the lives of thousands of Bulgarians from Aegean Thrace......

Word and Voice

Grandpa would always send me out with 20 stotinki to buy Word, cigarettes, and gum.

a disgrace in bloom

"Don't you think it's ugly, everyone doing their own thing? It's a disgrace to the architect."

empty fountain playgrounds

play pens parents stick the little ones in to keep them in one area,

soccer pit where boys aspiring to be the next …. take turns making shots at one . . . . . . . .

monuments of Trakiya

and they gather around them, looking up their skirts, comparing who is the bash maestera


the tire man's fingerprints surround each well used tool.

doggy in the window

“Nobody really owned dogs during communism… now there are these massive dogs in these tiny apartments..”. . . . . . . .

muffin tops

"It's like putting on a shirt that's way too small...."