territorial cats

“There is nobody to eat it.”
“The meat.”
“It will go to the cats.”
She whistles a falling whistle..”through the balcony.”

“They will come, they know that I throw.”
“They will come when they are hungry.”

“They are the other ones, the ones that don’t live behind Toni.”
“Behind Toni 2000. When they built the restaurant there was leftover wood materials, so they built the cats houses behind there. 5 or 6 houses. There are roofs and everything. Everything. They eat all the leftovers of the rich people!”

“Oh thats sooo sweet…” I coo.

“Sweet? Bah!”
“Its’ so Toni doesn’t have mice like the rest of us!”
“Go take a picture of them, you will see how fat they are!”
“But Don’t touch them, and don’t go too close!”

“They got really territorial of their precious homes.”

“Ha!” She exclaims loudly, startling me, she continues singing softly:
“Fat cats full of mice and left over french friiiiessss..”

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