“oh I love Trakiya!”

She swoons, inhaling, her blue eyes widening as
her aged face spreads into wonder, framed by a
maroon bob without a hair out of place.

She is a designer, not of Trakiya, but of the time.

“It reminds me of Paris!” she exhales in a whisper.
“So European.”
“So wide. They did such a nice job curving them organically around, connecting all the regions.”
“So elegant.”

“It was the perfect place to eat ice cream!

She tucks her blonde springy hair behind her ear,
her cheeks rosy from her bike, she laughs.

She grew up in Trakiya.

“It was the best!” She exclaims.
“So wide. There were no cars. We sat right on the center lines all day, having so much fun.”
“Eating our ice cream!

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