fractured reflections

“In 1997 we went back.”

“Went back to assess what had been actually built.”

“All the different owners, all the different constructions, and all the municipal lands that were sold off.”

“We were considered the historic committee, but we did all the drawings. We knew all of it. And we redid the analysis based on our original ideas and our original intentions.  We pieced it together with what had already been done.”

“Look at all these drawings.  Look at all these sketches!  Diagrams, and colors, everything categorized!  And…. Nothing.”

“Nothing was done.”

“Last month, a new master plan came out for Trakiya.”

“It was put together by a team of specialists… colleagues, and they paid no attention to this!”

She motions at the table is covered in sketches and diagrams.

“They didn’t even ask.”




“Така е.”  It’s like this.

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  1. Това беше квартална кръчмичка, която в бума на интернет технологиите през 2001ва се превърна в интернет кафе, където можеше да си пиеш ракията и да си чатиш в mIRC

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