territorial cats

"They will come, they know that I throw." "They will come when they are hungry."

city of legends

"They still do that, you know. The mayor still has the power. They hold a meeting and give an accomplished athlete an apartment upon their return."

landscaping crew

"those empty fields they sold off." - "I miss the meadows." - "No one was going to do anything with them." - "We played in them all day."

BKP windows

Graffiti for the long expired Bulgarian Communist Party. Original standardized wood framed windows, already replaced, leaning against it.. . . . . . . .


"It reminds me of Paris!" - "It was the perfect place to eat ice cream!"

neighbor negotiations

"Neighbors are the most important thing. Family is important too.. But you can teach them. Neighbors are the most important to live happy."

terlitsi and plants

"There is always a need for terlitsi! Or how about a plant, you need some plants for your balcony... And then we will find you a man!"


throughout all seasons

jurassic park

"You know, edno vreme, in the village we used to do everything with a sickle and a palamarka, like this...... "


expressive colors overflow onto the outside of the panel.. . . . . . . .


"I can't do anything without a lamp all day. Can you imagine?! A lamp!"


concrete ping pong tables scatter the vast in betweens of the blocks.

most left unused, they still manage to attract the vivid imaginations of the children,

using them to their . . . . . . . .

fading characteristics

"It was Ivan who thought of them. I remember the font. It was Helvetica! And it matched the building color." black and arial.

the kalkan’s new scales

Characteristically critiqued for its scale and personality in the context of single family America suburbia homes, how does it fare in the land of towering concrete panel blocks?

ending long weekends

But, as the sun sets on Sunday, the cars take up their spots on the sidewalks again, and the people come limping and sore to their benches and gathering spots, swapping stories about that other never ending project they all have...


"Pff a lot of good that does me! Do they think I can just go out there and photosynthesize?!"

just the right size

"Exactly like this, we just put them in the empty fountains and give them a ball and they just love it!"

oranges in bloom

"I decided to paint my kitchen." "I've meant to it for the last 20 years."

А9 legacies

"You know we never had to be in the mud like everyone else. We were the first ones."

panel code

Under all the original layers and before its covered anew, look quickly. It's just beyond the bristles of the brush.

live bait

When communism fell and many of the inhabitants of Trakiya no longer had assured work, they took matters into their own hands.